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Welcome to Star in a Jar, the pulsating heartbeat of indie blues rock in Tel Aviv. We're Ofer Koren, wielding guitar and vocals, and Assaf Reiss, laying down the beat with drums and vocals. Together, we create a cosmic soundscape that transports you on a stellar sonic journey.
Our music fuses energetic and uplifting vibes with the raw essence of rock, producing a sound as radiant and fast-paced as a meteor shower. As Star in a Jar, we believe in the transformative power of music, its ability to take you to uncharted dimensions.
So far, our musical journey has seen the release of two radiant singles. The first, 'Train', is a riveting journey into the heart of rock. The second, 'Blind Love', is an energetic and uplifting tune that reflects our unique style. We're excited to announce that our full debut album, featuring a constellation of 12 brand new tracks, will soon be hitting the airwaves.
Stationed in the bustling city of Tel Aviv, Israel, we're fervently fine-tuning our instruments, ready to launch a symphony of sound into the universe of music.
We invite you to join us on this thrilling musical journey. Come aboard the 'Star in a Jar' express and let's explore the sonic cosmos together. Stay connected, stay tuned, and keep up with our latest updates. The countdown to our next musical adventure has already begun..